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Dec 03 2011

Which is best: soft or hard dog food?

Soft or hard dog food? This decision can be confusing to many of us

If your dog is like most, she loves soft moist canned dog food. Who wouldn’t prefer soft dog food to dry kibble in a bag? Soft dog food offers your dog better smells, not to mention more taste appeal. But the fact is, crunchy items are essential for the dental health of your pet.

One good solution is anytime you feed your dog canned dog food, add some form of crunchy, chewy food. It can even be dog treats if you or your dog don’t like dry kibble. You can also offer your dog chew toys to exercise her jaw and teeth.

During your dog’s annual veterinarian checkup, the vet or veterinary technician will examine your dogs teeth and will alert or warn you of any issue that needs attention.

Dogs require hard materials to chew on, since this will offer their powerful jaw muscles a good workout and help to strengthen their teeth. It also offers them an ideal form of dental care. Whether you choose to feed your dog moist or dry food, be sure to provide your dog with something that gives a regular teeth and jaw workout.

As a dog owner, you should brush your dog’s teeth at least twice weekly. However, if this is not possible, hard crunchy foods can make up the difference. Hard chew toys can also help loosen the build up of plaque and tartar.

One of the best decisions you can make for your dog is to choose the best dog food, since this sets the stage for your dog’s long-term dental health as well as nutritional requirements.

If you would rather feed your dog moist, soft and tasty can foods it will be just fine, but do make sure that your dog also has access to things that he can give a good chew.