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Aug 11 2014

Choosing The Best Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

The Ragdoll cat breed is best because of its soft manners and loving personality. They are the easy going kind of cats. Ragdoll cats are very obedient and significant when around. However, not all cats are the same with this breed. That is why, when you love to have one, it is necessary to ensure that you choose the right Ragdoll kittens for sale in Tennessee. Here are some tips on how to choose the right one for you.

Since this breed is a soft mannered kitten, do not expect that you will have home buddy that is very aggressive at home. Sometimes, they have shortcomings, especially if you are looking for a hyper one, but they will also make to the point that they can make you happy with their cuteness and lovely appearance.

A Ragdoll kitten mostly have a short body and covered with a long coat. Their coats have different colors just like the Siamese cats. They only need low maintenance for their hair. However, when it comes to bathing and grooming, it should be every day. You can also hire a professional who will do the grooming if you are busy enough and no time for their grooming. If you want to save expense, you can also make it personally.

After knowing what you want for a pet, you can look for a reputable breeder. You can ask first your vet for their recommendations and suggestions. Ask your friends or family members who are also a cat lover for their recommendations. Once you have the list of options, you can contact them and ask questions. You have also the choice to visit their place personally.

During your visit to the breeder, you should ask to see the parents of your kittens. Mostly, the breeders have only one of the parents, since it is common to practice a breeding process through females and a stud cat that is owned by another breeder. If it has only one parent, you can request for a photo to see on its purebred.

You should also choose the kitten that is already well socialized. Meaning, if you observed that they are already comfortable with your presence and other people around, it just means that they are socialized. They are also playful and not scared of being touched. They are a happy kitten and loves to play with you. You must observe their behavior so that you can already determine what they are.

If it is not yet vaccinated, prevent from handling them. Most of them, are very playful and like to be caressed. You can use your time of visit to bond with the kittens. Make sure that you have chosen a breeder that is reputable and trustworthy. There should be registration and vaccination documents.

Maybe, you are also thinking about the price for every Ragdoll breed. It still depends on the breeder. Just be sure that you know the whole details of the breeding process, since there are some that are dishonest. You must receive a fair cost for the pet.

You must familiarize the rag doll breed so that you will have a protection. There are some breeders that are attempting to sell their kittens, even their descendants do not hold a trait that you expected. Buyers should also be smart in paying one. Do not pay for a kitten that do not possess a proper resemble of breed.

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Aug 08 2014

All About African Cichlids Care

These African fishes are unique and they somehow pose a test in trying to keep them when put into comparison with other fishes. This is mostly due to the need to maintain the original environs of their original location and also their hostile nature. Regardless of these they still are astounding and colorful that it is hard to believe they originate from non-salty lakes. Maintaining fake environs of origin with the right pH, right temperatures among various other factors listed constitute to African cichlids care.

The right pH is important in order to create an environment that is conducive for the fish. Since pH ranges according to specific species, there is then no accurate single pH for a tank. One can buy a pH regulator but putting crumpled corals, coral gravel or aquatic shells in the tank also elevates the pH while increasing the buffering capacity.

Due to their territorial tendency of being rough amongst each other in the wild, it turns to be a great idea to get a large tank in order to create a lot of turf. Rocks and some plants will also be useful as these fishes will use them to mark down their territories. Fake plants will be ideal since live plants are likely to die due to the pH and even get dug up by the fish.

In making their own ideal environments, these cichlids normally love to move things around and about and also digging. For this reason, it is important to place rocks on over gravel in order to save the fishes from pinning themselves under rocks as they dig.

The delusion that same size fishes are likely to have a reduced aggression against each other on the same tank is not true. In fact the fishes of unequal size are likely to exist unless one is small enough to become food. This aggression is resulted by lack of intimidation and fighting turns the only way to state boundaries.

Feeding the fish is very easy since they consume almost anything though it is a good idea to give them a varied diet. As a staple food you can give them flake food you can also feed them on frozen food or wafers about once a week. Once their stomachs swell, it reflects that you have overfed them and you should stop in order to avoid them getting a Malawian bloat. You should not let flake food to remain at the bottom as it can as it can form ammonia which in turn may turn out toxic.

Weekly change of around quarter of the water constitutes the necessary maintenance which should not be a big deal. In order to be safe from chemicals, ensure a gravel vacuum at the bottom and also do not sterilize the sponge for filtering when about to clean up.

Since taming these kinds of fishes is hustle free, a good maintenance on them should come in handy in a proper way. They normally do not suffer from most diseases like the rest due to their strong immune system. They are able to outlive most the fishes and a good care of them will even extend their lifetime which averages between the years of in the middle of five and eight.

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Jul 06 2014

Great Exercise Options For Your Dog

Whether your dog is young or old, he or she will benefit greatly from some level of exercise. While it’s always wise to consult with a veterinarian and make sure your dog is healthy prior to beginning any program of exercise, here are a few fun exercise options that you might want to consider.

There are many issues to consider when choosing an activity for exercise, and every dog has limitations or activities they enjoy more than others. Older dogs or dogs with breathing issues and other health issues might not have a high amount of stamina, so exercises need to be adjusted to suit their body type, age and health. For a dog of a more sedentary nature or one with arthritis or another ailment, a gentle walk once or twice a day might be just what the doctor ordered. Exercise actually can be of benefit to a dog with arthritis and exercise reduces stiffness and sometimes soreness. Just keep it simple, and if the weather is particularly hot or cold, consider exercise inside rather than outside. You could just lead your dog around the house for a few minutes or invest in a dog treadmill.

If you have a healthy, high-energy pet, then there is a wide range of activities to ponder, including running or perhaps jogging. Your dog might love running alongside you as you bike, as well, as some well-trained dogs certainly enjoy this activity, especially a larger dog. Just remember that you might have to work up to running, jogging or biking longer distances. Dogs need to train, just like humans. For a dog with shorter legs, these activities probably aren’t a great idea, but a good brisk walk might be fine. With all pets, look for cues that he or she is getting tired or over-heated and take a rest and water break. Some dogs can overexert themselves, so have a talk with your vet about how much exercise is suitable for your pet.

Walking and running are obvious exercise choices, but dogs often appreciate more cerebral types of activities. Certainly a good regimen of exercise can keep a pet happy and relieve boredom, but you also can have some fun, structured play time or even independent play activities set up for your pet. For instance, throwing a toy and having your dog fetch is fun for them. You also can play with tug toys or provide toys upon which your dog can chew. Most dogs need to chew, so providing this option is a way to keep them from chewing on your furnishings. In addition, there are fun toys that hold treats and dogs must work to get the treats out, and this can keep them busy for quite awhile.

Dogs love running on agility courses and dog agility provides plenty of interesting exercise for your pet. Not only will your dog have a great time, owners enjoy it as well. You might think it’s just for larger dogs such as shepherds, but most breeds will enjoy some level of agility training. For a small-sized animal, simply use mini agility equipment so that they are safe and obstacles are manageable. Competitions are fun, as well, but you don’t have to compete in order to get a lot out of dog agility training.

Dogs who work on agility equipment not only have a great time, they also tend to improve their overall behavior. This is because with challenging, interesting exercise, dogs are less like to dig, bark, scratch or exhibit other irksome behavior, and they will be learning how to follow directions and this also increases their level of obedience. To get started with agility, check out the agility equipment available from Carlson Agility. They have all the agility equipment you will need, both full-size and miniature as well as offering helpful tips and advice.

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Jun 23 2014

Why Consult A Vet Experienced In Home Pet Euthanasia Phoenix Area

Having spent a lot of time with your animal friend, there may come a time when its health deteriorates and despite successive treatments, it does not get well. People have a lot of attachment with their pets, something that makes them undecided on whether to euthanize their animal friends. With a vet experienced in home pet euthanasia Phoenix AZ area, you are able to get the much-needed assistance in putting your dog, cat, or other pets to rest.

Many owners of pets even do not realize when their pets are in great pain especially if they see them walking around and not looking sick. Besides, the owners feel guilty and sometimes filled with anger, grief, and helplessness when they see that their pets are not well and living health. The hard part is deciding to euthanize the animals.

Loss of interest in activities, which the animals enjoy like playing, walking, soliciting attention, or petting from members of the family could also indicate ill health of pets. When you have made the decision to have the animal friend euthanized, then it is time to ensure that all family members have some good time to spend with it before this last moment.

When the limits are set as rationally as possible, it could offer relieve for both the owners and the animals. People are never prepared for death of their loved pets whether it occurs swiftly and unexpected, or it comes slowly from its aging. Most of the people would want to have some more time with the pets even if they are ailing seriously.

In addition, there is need to decide whether you will be present during the final moments. For some owners, the actual euthanizing activity can be too emotional to bear with. If you feel that you cannot overcome your feelings, it would be nice if you stay away from the room where the process takes place. It can be quite discomforting seeing the animal leave you.

Talking to a veterinarian is perhaps one of the wisest decisions you can make. The vet will factor both the desires and feelings of the owner together with the quality of life the animal is leading. A balance has to be created so that a decision is arrived at without harming the feelings of the owners.

A qualified vet will help and guide you through the difficult times. At times, the veterinarian will tell you that it is time to put the animal to rest while in other times, you are left to make the decision. At times, based on the observation of the attitude and behavior of your pet, you can make a decision to have it euthanized.

It is a painless process for the animal, and you need not be worried of it feeling pain. An anesthetic drug is administered to put the animal to unconscious state before it stops breathing. When the procedure is complete, a veterinarian will ask whether you would want to spend some time alone with the pet.

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Jun 08 2014

Choose A Natural Joint Supplement For Dogs

Just like humans, as dogs get older their bodies begin to wear down. By giving yours a natural joint supplement for dogs you can help to increase their quality of life substantially. They are a great idea for older dogs who appear to be slowing down in their old age.

These products help to improve your dogs joints by giving their bodies the materials needed to rebuild the cartilage. This will give your animal more flexibility and less pain. They are made from naturally occurring ingredients so there are no harmful things found in them such as artificial chemicals and ingredients.

With improved joints you may notice a more active animal. These supplements can help to relieve any pain and discomfort from the animals life, and give them a new energy that they may have lost in the past. With a happier pet, you can expect them to bring more happiness to you and your family.

With their new found energy, having a happier and more active pet may also lead to them having a longer life. With less joint troubles they will be able to get more exercise and lead a healthier life than they had before. This means that you will have them in your life even longer, and be able to enjoy the wonderful company that they offer for many more years.

Using the natural supplements is a much better option for your pet. These products use ingredients that are naturally occurring and can be found in your pets regular food. This can not be said for artificial products whose ingredients are formed in a lab, where you have no way of knowing what sort of chemicals have been used in the making of the product.

Trying to tell whether your do needs these things is not always easy. There are many different signs, such as sluggish behavior and a less energetic animal, that may tell you whether this is a necessary step. It is important to pay attention to your pets behavior in order to determine whether this is necessary.

Choosing a brand can be difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. Many different ones carry varying amount of the active ingredients. The amount that you want you pet to have should be based on the amount of apparent discomfort that they are in, and if you have difficulty determining the right amount for them contact your veterinarian to get an expert opinion.

Once you find the brand for you, there are plenty of places where they can be purchased. Many different pet shops will sell a variety of different kinds to choose from and the staff may be able to give you some helpful advice. If you don’t have any luck there for the kind you want, there are plenty of online vendors that will be able to give you a great deal on the brand of your choice.

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Dec 03 2011

Which is best: soft or hard dog food?

Soft or hard dog food? This decision can be confusing to many of us

If your dog is like most, she loves soft moist canned dog food. Who wouldn’t prefer soft dog food to dry kibble in a bag? Soft dog food offers your dog better smells, not to mention more taste appeal. But the fact is, crunchy items are essential for the dental health of your pet.

One good solution is anytime you feed your dog canned dog food, add some form of crunchy, chewy food. It can even be dog treats if you or your dog don’t like dry kibble. You can also offer your dog chew toys to exercise her jaw and teeth.

During your dog’s annual veterinarian checkup, the vet or veterinary technician will examine your dogs teeth and will alert or warn you of any issue that needs attention.

Dogs require hard materials to chew on, since this will offer their powerful jaw muscles a good workout and help to strengthen their teeth. It also offers them an ideal form of dental care. Whether you choose to feed your dog moist or dry food, be sure to provide your dog with something that gives a regular teeth and jaw workout.

As a dog owner, you should brush your dog’s teeth at least twice weekly. However, if this is not possible, hard crunchy foods can make up the difference. Hard chew toys can also help loosen the build up of plaque and tartar.

One of the best decisions you can make for your dog is to choose the best dog food, since this sets the stage for your dog’s long-term dental health as well as nutritional requirements.

If you would rather feed your dog moist, soft and tasty can foods it will be just fine, but do make sure that your dog also has access to things that he can give a good chew.