Apr 03 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of Yoga

When you hear the word yoga, the things that come first in our mind are the health benefits associated with the exercise. The popularity of yoga is connected to wellness of the people; however, yoga has also its disadvantages. In this article, I will discuss to you the advantages and disadvantages of yoga. Yoga originates in India and was known and accepted by numerous Americans as a good form of exercise in balancing their mental and physical system.

When we are talking about the advantages and disadvantages of yoga, I am sure that yoga enthusiasts cannot remember all the advantages of the exercise due to its large numbers, but with regards to its disadvantages, I think perhaps majority of the people can’t think of any.

Various researches show that yoga helps control or manage anxiety, back pain, asthma, blood pressure, arthritis, depression, heart disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, stress, headaches and other diseases. In addition to this, the exercise also helps enhance flexibility, boost self-esteem, muscle tone, strength, circulation, creativity, concentration as well as stimulating the immune system. The benefits of yoga as an exercise include reduces pressures and strain, help you to control weight, teach you the appropriate breathing system. Further, it also balances the mind and health system, managing your emotions and manages your life efficiently because of good consciousness. In addition, when you are performing the yoga exercise along with its benefits you can also learn moral disciplines. This form of exercise has also gained popularity in the workplace to increase productivity among the employees because it is believed that a stress free workplace is more productive.

However, yoga has also limitations or disadvantages particularly other yoga trainings or exercises are not fit or suitable for an individual’s condition, an example for this are the older people who have limited capability of performing the exercise, thus, they should be trained in an easy way to prevent injury. It is also advised that yoga trainers must modify and choose training program that suits for sex, age as well as the physical condition of the participants. 

Despite the positive claims concerning the health benefits of yoga, you should not consider the exercise as treatment to your illness. It is recommended and advised to consult your doctor or physician first before taking any medications or any things to prevent injury and harm. You need to consider your safety first.

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